Mesh Network in Putnam County

Post date: Mar 17, 2017 11:07:30 PM

For those that want to install a mesh node here in Putnam County, I present to you some information to help.

AREDN - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

AREDN Mesh Live Map

Airlink - Outdoor Wireless Link Calculator


Broadband-Hamnet or HSMM-MESH - is a useful site for information

The coordinates for the Short Mountain node is 35.86570, -85.97500 and the node is at 117 feet (35.6616 meters)

When we get the 5ghz node up at the CRA repeater tower it will be pointed at Short Mountain with a 120 degree sector antenna, so it should cover quite a bit of Cookeville.

The coordinates are 36.082113, -85.374279 and the plan is to have the node at 200 feet (60.960 meters) but no less than 130 feet (39.624 meters)

In the future we will add nodes to cover more of Putnam County with 5ghz and add 2.4ghz nodes as well.

The more mesh nodes we add in Putnam County the better our coverage and the ability to use it during an emergency when there is no way to get network by usual means.

All the Best & 73

Dale Miller, KC2CBD

Putnam County TN ARES - Emergency Coordinator

Vice President Cookeville Repeater Association