Forms & Documents

Putnam County TN ARES Registration Packet - Fillable & Printable

(please use Adobe Acrobat if you can to fill out)Fill this out and email to or bring to your first meeting to become an Putnam County TN ARES member.If you email to me you will have to come to the next meeting to pick up your card.You may right click and "Save As" to download these
Communications Point MapA Map to show where everyone is assigned to for the Communications Points.

List of Local Frequencies - PDF

All Putnam County ARES members need to have the first 8 frequencies programmedinto all the radios your going to use for ARES related functions.

List of Local Frequencies - Chirp - CSV File

(When the new page opens click on Download there is NO preview)This is a CSV file for using with radio programming software such as Chirp.

TYT MD-380/390 Code Plug for Putnam County

Should be able to open up with MD-380/390, MD-UV380/390 and MD-2017 CPS

TYT MD-2017 Code Plug for Putnam County

TYT MD-UV380/390 Code Plug For Putnam County

Anytone D868UVE Code Plug for Putnam County - CPS1.40 - Band 1

Anytone D868 Code Plug using version 1.40 CPS

Anytone D878UV Code Plug for Putnam County - CPS1.24 - Band Commercial_000008

Anytone D878 Code Plug using version 1.24 CPS

Putnam County TN ARES Band Plan

Putnam County TN ARES Pager Memories

Putnam County TN ARES Net Control Training Manual - PDF

Putnam County TN ARES Net Control Preamble

Blank Net Control Form - PDF

Used as an alternate means of taking check-ins and notes

Blank Weekly Net Control Sheet

This is a blank Google Sheet we use to run our Nets.When the "Master List" is populated with information the "Master Net Sheet" is duplicated and renamed for the date.The "Master Net Sheet" will get it's information from the "Master List" automatically when you enter a Callsign.Our Net Control Operators, Primary and Alternate, use this for our nets and we create new ones for each year.

Blank Weather Net Control Sheet

This is a Blank Google Sheet that we use to run Weather Nets and could also be used for other emergency nets.You can keep track of the total time that an individual participates and on the right the EC has those times tallied in minutes for easy reporting.This sheet works the same as the Weekly Net Control Sheet with the "Master List" sheet populated with information to fill in your other sheets.Our alternates and primary control use a single sheet instead of separate sheets during the event so that there on the same page event wise.During busy nets there is other individuals that use paper to supplement this sheet and is added in after the event either calms down or ends.