This page is setup to help amateur radio operators take the NIMS and ICS training courses as well as amateur EMCOMM training.

NOTE: One of the number one rules of disaster response is DO NOT SELF DEPOY!

Become a part of an organized emergency response group!

NIMS is the "National Incident Management System"

ICS is the "Incident Command System"


Why should I take these courses?

(1) These courses ARE recognized as a standard among emergency workers.

(2) FEMA and possibly other government agencies that fund emergency planning ARE going to require proof that local emergency workers have taken these courses BEFORE they will issue grants to local governments.

(3) These courses ARE required for amateur radio operators working in EMCOMM by some agencies, and are good knowledge and can help amateurs better understand the chain of command in emergencies.

Will it cost me anything?

NO! These courses are 100% free of charge! In fact, they can be taken in your own time, and online!

Who will know I have taken these courses?

You will receive an email and a certificate showing you have completed these courses, and FEMA also will keep a record of it.

What if I don't have internet access?

Contact one of the officers of the club. We will make arrangements for you to receive a printed study guide, test form, and arrange for your answers to be input into the FEMA system. You can also check out the local Library to use a computer with internet access.

Who in our ranks has already taken theses courses?

The current Putnam County TN ARES EC, and other amateur radio operators have already completed these courses.

What will I get from taking these courses?

You will get a good basic understanding of how an emergency will be handled.

The courses are listed at https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx (NOTE: These links change frequently. If the link does not work, do a Google search for "FEMA IS-100" or what ever course you want.)

Suggested courses to take are (as of Sept 2013) IS-100.c, IS-700.b, IS-200.c, & IS-800.d (preferably in that order).

Other amateur radio related EMCOMM training:

Below are some links to FREE online training...all it takes is some of your time.

KY ARES Online Testing http://www.kyham.net/emcomm/training/kytest.html (NOTE: PDF certificate available after completion)

And other good info about EMCOMM:






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